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Putter the Cat!

Putter the Cat as seen in the 1996 365 Kittens a Year Calendar!

Putter's 15 Minutes of Fame

In February of 1994, Wendy and I submitted Putter's picture to Workman Publishing in response to a contest to get his picture in the calendar (they publish the 365 Cats a Year calendar - one of those page a day tear off desk calendars). When Putter was not chosen for inclusion to the prestigious calendar we stopped buying it and generally spat upon any mention of it. Any organization lacking the minimal standards of taste and culture needed to recognise Putter's greatness, (so inherently obvious to all others) must be a sham and therefore not fit for our subscription. Amazingly enough, Putter was actually included in an even more prestigious calendar - The 365 Kittens a Year Calendar . Instead of poor newsprint, Putter was on the cover of a glassy calendar in bookstores and shops worldwide. He was on the lower right hand corner of the cover and on March 16th, 1996. That day was hereby declared Putterday.

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