The Putterpage

The Putterpage was started around 1996 as a way to show pictures of the most famous cat and to mess around on the WWW. Certain areas of the Putterpage have never been changed and the links in the archives show the old styles from way back when. With time the children entered the fray and the page is now mostly used to show their exploits. The cat rarely gets a mention and when he’s included, he’s rather grumpy.

Why is Putter famous? You need to go here to find out.

Update: On Friday, October 19, 2007 Putter passed on.

He had been having health issues for some time. He lived to be almost 16 years old.

While Putter was a grumpy cat to pretty much all but Wendy and I, Jonah and Sam had made headway with him and loved him very much.

He and I shared a bowl of ice cream the night before he passed.

He is survived by his family, his fans, and a big mutt named Zoe. A memorial has been placed in the yard.

The Putterpage will continue.

Occasionally the Putterpage will be completely broken as I use this site as a test site for implementing changes on other WordPress installs I maintain for groups.   Sorry about that.