2nd Day of School!

The first day didn’t go off as smoothly as in previous years… but the second day did.

Here is the obligatory picture…

Jonah 14 (9th grade)
Sam 12 (7th grade)

Zoe 4 (2 semesters of remedial obedience¬† – definitely a Dog Left Behind) is defending the boys by attacking the vicious sprinkler in the lower right corner…

Welcome Zoe Smythe!

The Smythe’s welcomed a new family member this weekend. Zoe Smythe is an 8 week old Australian Shepherd. There are pictures in the gallery (link at right).

Putter is somewhat upset and is hanging out upstairs. There have been a few minor skirmishes. I believe the score is even and technically Putter has lost no ground – he just chooses not to roam in Zoe occupied areas.

The boys chose the name from a list of preapproved names. We pronounce it Zz-oh-ee.

Zoe is very cute, with sharp little teeth and a genetic propensity to herd. Jonah is establishing a good relationship with Zoe and Sam is desperately trying not to be lowest puppy in the pack.

More updates soon!

Zoe and Sam!